How to be a Nature Detective – Year 2N

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You are never too old for a nature hunt and from my experience all children love to get involved and some even conquer their creepy crawly fears.

During our ‘wild learning’ session in Year 2N, the children went outside armed with bug pots, magnifying glasses and paint brushes (we will explain why paint brushes are useful later).

The children were raring to go and found a whole host of creepy crawlies in our wildlife area. They looked under plant pots, stones, logs and on the back of leaves. They found slugs, snails, hibernating ladybirds, ladybird larvae, spiders and woodlice, to name but a few. Some children were very brave and were quite happy to hold and capture slugs and snails with their bare hands. For the more delicate species, a paint brush was used to gently coax the bugs into the bug pot. There were quite a lot of froglets hopping around the wildlife area which one lucky pupil managed to catch. We also found leaves, sticks and acorns.

The children brought their finds into the classroom to study further, before releasing them safely where they were found.

Have a go at home in your own back garden!




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