The Great British Bird Hunt (2U, 4L, 3H)

This week the pupils here at Langdale have been getting ready for the world’s biggest wildlife survey, The Big Garden Birdwatch.

To raise awareness of the birds we have living here in the UK, The pupils took part in a Great British Bird Quiz. I hung photographs of British birds on trees around our school grounds. The children arranged themselves into small groups and thought of quirky bird themed names for their team. Names such as ‘The Robin Heroes,’ ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Lightning Shrikes’ were just a few of my favourites.

Each team had 10 clues describing a birds appearance, for example, ‘I am green in colour and I am part of the finch family,’ or ‘I have a red face, fine beak and enjoy feeding from teasel.’ The children were given a time limit to match as many birds as possible to the correct clue.

Not only did the children have fun, but they also learnt the appearance, names and even behaviour of some of the birds that visit our garden bird feeders.

The children also found clues showing that birds are visiting our school grounds…

The RSPB has a selection of online, bird-themed games that children can take part in at home and in school. Click on the link below to take part…

RSPB Online Games for Kids



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