The Egg Box Scavenger Hunt

Keeping in with the Easter theme, Year 2J took part in an egg box scavenger hunt.

The children were split into four groups: The Hedgehog Team, Badger Team, Fox Team and Squirrel Team.

Each team was given an egg box with 12 different pictures on the front including a daisy, ivy leaf, twig, brown leaf, snail, worm, conker shell, acorn, mint leaf, stone, berries and feather…



The children had to work in teams to find each item making sure they were small enough to fit in the compartments of the egg box…



The children used their sense of smell to find a mint leaf in the wildlife area…

By the end of the session all groups had managed to find every item and have learnt a lot about nature including the names of plants and animals and where to find them. They worked well as a team and had lots of fun exploring…

Afterwards the children learnt how to create a daisy chain. We have plenty of daisies growing on our fields and this afternoon the children created beautiful garlands with them…

At the end of the session we sat in a circle and lay back on the grass. The children used their senses to listen to the birds singing and then used their eyes to do some cloud spotting. They found plenty of shapes, animals and characters in the fluffy white clouds…

To make your own Egg Box Scavenger Hunt kit at home, all you need is an empty egg box and a list of items which can be downloaded and printed off using the link below. Have fun!

Egg Box Scavenger Hunt

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