Fairytale Beanstalks and Magical Potions

Two weeks ago Reception 1 planted some beans. The children were taught how to use trowels safely and they told me what equipment was needed: pots, soil, beans and water.

Once given guidance on how to plant a bean the children went off in search of soil to put in their pot before planting their bean.

Now, all fairytale beans need magical potions to help them to grow. This week each pupil was given a pot to create their potion in. They then had to find a magical stirring stick. It could not be the first stick they picked up, it had to feel magical to them. Once found, each pupil collected magical ingredients; green leaves, grass, conker shells, acorns, daisies and, to add a lovely scent, some herbs from the wildlife garden. Finally, the magical glittery potion was added and each child stirred their potion before pouring it onto their bean. Will they grow into magical, fairytale beanstalks? We will find out after the Easter holidays. Fingers crossed!

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