Mud, Minibeasts and Music!

This week in Forest School, R1 learnt how to carry large pieces of wood safely. They learnt how to drag large branches and how team work is important when carrying very large pieces of wood.

Inspired by the work of 2J earlier this week, some of the children decided to create their own musical instruments including drums, guitars and microphones and they put together their own pop bands.

Some children decided to use the large pieces of wood to create bridges across the mud.

Others were quite happy looking at the slugs found on the field.

Either way, every week the pupils are given a health and safety talk before each Forest School session. Once they are aware of these safety rules, the children are free to explore, choose their own groups and although I often give them a theme to follow (this week; making musical instruments) the children often discover their own activities through exploration and working with friends (such as making bridges across mud or discovering minibeasts) and that is what Forest School is all about!



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