The Worm Charmers

This week, Year 3F learnt about the importance of patience and perseverance, two skills that are necessary when charming earthworms from the ground.

Armed with a trowel and gardening fork, the children created vibrations in the ground. This tricks the worms into thinking that a mole is digging (moles love to eat worms) and they wriggle quickly to the surface. Tapping the ground also tricks the worms into thinking it is raining and they quickly come to the surface.

The children were beginning to lose hope, but after waiting and persevering for at least 15 minutes, earthworms started to appear. Some children overcame their fear of worms and some had a new found respect for worms. The excitement was infectious and although the children admitted it was hard work and it was very difficult to be patient, it was definitely worth it in the end.

Wriggly Worm Facts

  • Worms have tiny hairs all over their bodies. This helps them to move.
  • Worms do not have teeth, they have strong mouth muscles to help them eat.
  • Worms have 5 hearts!
  • Worms do not have lungs but breathe through their skin.


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